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Get over yourself, it’s not just about you.

It’s easy to feel that the problems of finding and retaining talent are only affecting you. The truth is, this is a problem affecting all industries across all markets. In today’s increasingly individualistic ‘always on’ talent economy, the trends of doing business are rapidly changing,

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To pay or not to pay, that is the question.

Admit, the same thought crosses your mind every time an employee tenders his resignation, and gives you their reasons for leaving. It could be a better offer, wanting to pursue something they love or taking more time to take care of their families, but deep

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The smaller the ego, the bigger the hero.

You don’t want to be that employer. You know the type. The employer who believes that people should pay for the privilege of working under their roof. Besides giving us all a bad name, these employers operate under a delusion that people will do anything

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