The smaller the ego, the bigger the hero.

You don’t want to be that employer. You know the type. The employer who believes that people should pay for the privilege of working under their roof. Besides giving us all a bad name, these employers operate under a delusion that people will do anything to get any job. Because in the 21st century, it is truly becoming a employees market.

Sure, a few companies like Google, Apple and a few Silicon Valley counterparts have people doing almost anything to merely land an internship, you shouldn’t count on the same level of desirability when it comes time to recruit. These companies have transcended to become cultural icons, and offer employees returns that far outweighs even the fanciest and hippest of smaller start-ups a, now matter how many beanbags, pool tables and gourmet coffee bars these companies employ to make their offices more appealing.

So when it comes time to recruit, it pays to reel in the ego, not only because you will need the goods to back it up, but because it gives you a negative reputation. So much so, that there are tried and tested signs that you’ve become a bad employer, ones which will inevitably drive candidates away.

Candidates are never introduced to a manager.
And when they ask, you tell them that their manager is intense or eccentric and send them on their way.

No one in your office smiles or talks.
To any candidate or new hire, this will surely raise some red flags about the spirit the company instils.

Turnover is high.
If you’ve got tell a candidate that the position they are interviewing for has has 3 or 4 people in it in the past year, it could mean you’re doing something wrong as an employer.

Managers complain about people who have left.
Every time one of your managers complains about or bad mouths an employee who has left, it negatively affects the culture you are trying to foster as an employer.

Your employees are not your ambassadors.
If your employees refuse or are unwilling to talk about what it is like to work for you, chances are you are not a good employer in their eyes.

If the points above have got you worried, it is a good chance that you deeply desire to be a good employer, and that is the first step. Now what else can you do to set you on the path to be one of the nation’s top places to work?

Identify what makes you different.
It is crucial that you separate yourself from the other employers out there, especially your competitors.

Talk to your employees.
Look at exit interviews or on-boarding feedback and see where you can improve in your recruitment process and operations.

Relook at your current website.
Does it speak to your brand and its culture? Does it lay out a refresh set of credentials and requirements that candidates should aspire to? This is very important.

Refresh your marketing strategy.
In a competitive market, it is important that your marketing strategy be nimble in order for you to adapt to changes. It is also essential that you differentiate yourself in terms of higher wages and benefits, which are key to succeeding in an employees market.

Ask yourself ‘why should I work for me’.
It pays to lay down your ego, and put yourself in the shoes of a candidate. Will you work for you, if all things remain equal? Are the things you offer reason enough to pick your company over your competitors?

Hire an expert to help you.
Perhaps the biggest thing you can do, is put away your ego and hire a partner to help get you on the right track.

Here at Accendo, we have more than 20 years of industry knowledge to help you do make sure you get the right, most talented and skilled hires. We believe in People, Performance and Work and have the technology and tools to not only attract the right kind of candidates but train, inspire and retain them too, helping your company be seen as a top employer and a destination for the best talent.

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